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AZ – ActivStars

ActivStars Youth Soccer Gear

Here you’ll find the gear you need to fully enjoy in our team activities. Use the buttons below to learn more about promotional items, uniforms, equipment, apparel, and accessories.

About ActivStars Uniforms and Gear

ActivStars sells the jerseys required for games and tournaments. Please be sure to order the correct jersey for your team — each soccer location has a specific color assigned. Click the Uniform button below to see location and color information. Students can order their team uniforms online here, with their coach at class, or any upcoming Soccer Skills Challenge Day.

Soccer uniforms follow standard youth clothing sizes, while other materials such as shin guards will have age recommendations listed under their “Size.” Guard and accessory sizes typically run:

  • Small — Ages 5-6
  • Medium — Ages 7-9
  • Large — Ages 10+

Please note: If you are planning on attending the semester-end tournaments, the team uniform is required for all players.

Kids benefit in big ways from our programs

"Awesome coaches, good fields, and a uniform he wants to wear all the time. You can’t beat it."

"We really appreciate the approach that teaches fun and teamwork above all else. A mix of games with no score but a big tournament at the end kept things fun throughout."

"Great program. Very helpful staff and worked with us to make practice and the games a blast."