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(888) 904-4386 Cheer/Soccer/Pickleball / (855) 222-7689 Karate

(888) 904-4386 Cheer & Soccer / 855-222-7689 Karate

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(888) 904-4386 Cheer/Soccer/Pickleball / (855) 222-7689 Karate

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Soccer Program Specifics

At ACTIVSTARS, we pride ourselves on offering the most affordable youth soccer programs and events in the industry. Our event prices are less than half of the industry standard!

While participation in our soccer events is optional, our exciting soccer tournaments inspire young athletes to elevate their skills beyond regular weekly soccer lessons.

Over our 30-year history, countless testimonials have highlighted how our soccer athletes' lives have been transformed through increased self-confidence and lasting friendships gained from competing. We are committed to continuing this positive tradition and impacting future generations of youth soccer players


Program Details

Program Structure: ACTIVSTARS Soccer program is designed to work with your child's schedule and the hustle and bustle of daily life. So, our practices and games are held on Saturdays.  The first part of the semester will be dedicated to skill development with the second part of the semester dedicated to games.

PRACTICE TIMES:  Specific Team practice times will be assigned during orientation.  Teams are split according to age & ability.  If the practice time assigned to your child is inconvenient, or you have two children accidentally split into different practices, please see your coach for approval to attend a different practice time.  Each class is 50 minutes long.  Please arrive 10-minutes early each week for check-in!

RESTROOMS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT SOCCER SITES: Have Players use the restroom prior to coming to practice.


Soccer Gear

Enjoy wholesale prices on ACTIVSTARS merchandise, available exclusively online at Please note, we don’t sell merchandise at our soccer class locations.

PROPER GEAR:  Players are required to bring a soccer ball and shin guards starting week one. Players need to mark their soccer ball with their name.  These items are available to purchase directly from the Activstars website or players may bring their own.

Practice Pennie: Players are required to purchase a practice pinnie.  Soccer cleats are highly recommended.

Uniforms: Team uniforms and uniform packages are available through our online store. Be sure to order early in anticipation of the start of games.

Water Bottle: Players are required to bring their own water to practice every week. Please put the child's First and last name on water bottles brought to practice.


Soccer Games & Tournaments

SOCCER GAMES: Once the game series begins mid-semester, all games will be held at a centralized off-site location where several teams will meet to play in an exciting tournament-style atmosphere.  Game schedules will be handed out prior to the start of games with all the details! Game times may vary from assigned practice times, and games often last 50 minutes. Please allow extra time on game days, especially our awards day, at the end of the semester. All players will receive a game trophy during their last scheduled game.

TOURNAMENTS:  During the fall and spring semesters, we run a competitive Regional and State Desert Cup Soccer Tournament (AZ) for players.  Teams are bracketed into silver and gold divisions based on team skill level, so we encourage all players and teams to attend!  During Regionals, our top teams in each division will qualify for the Desert Cup State Playoffs.  All players will receive an award for competing at our tournaments.

The Regional Tournament registration fee is $45/plater (pre-reg.) OR $65 (late registration).  The State Tournament registration fee is $35/player (pre-reg.) OR $45 (late registration).  All details go out to students in an event handout.

  • All players must register online prior to the event.
  • All players must have attended a minimum of 6 classes/team practices prior to the date of the Tournament to be eligible to participate.
  • Players aged 9-15 are required to submit age verification documentation upon registration, EACH DAY THEY PLAY.
  • Official ACTIVSTARS soccer jersey must be worn to play in the tournament, with no exceptions.
    • No other team jerseys will be permitted; those in violation will be required to change or cannot participate.
  • Every team must have a designated PARENT COACH who will be responsible for putting players in positions, managing substitutions, and ensuring the team abides by tournament rules.
    • ACTIVSTARS Coaches will be acting only as referees during the Tournament.
  • All participants are also required to wear shin guards & proper athletic footwear. Cleats are not required, but if worn must be soccer cleats specifically, no front stud-like football and baseball cleats.

Kids benefit in big ways from our programs

"Awesome coaches, good fields, and a uniform he wants to wear all the time. You can’t beat it."

"We really appreciate the approach that teaches fun and teamwork above all else. A mix of games with no score but a big tournament at the end kept things fun throughout."

"Great program. Very helpful staff and worked with us to make practice and the games a blast."