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ActivStars Supports Children with Special Needs

children special needs celebrates sports

Every child, including children with special needs and unique health concerns, can benefit from the exercise, learning, social connections, and fun that can be found with sports. At ActivStars, our mission is to make programs as inclusive as possible. We’re proud to have a fantastic staff and training on Autism Spectrum Disorder and other needs.…

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How to Keep Your Child Athlete Healthy This Winter

Get a trophy in winter health and fun

When the temperature drops low in winter, it’s easy for parents and child athletes to want to stay in, snuggle down, and become one with the couch. There’s nothing wrong with a good winter video session every now and then, but staying healthy requires getting up and moving too! To help our ActivStars family stay…

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Our Mission to Support Affordable Youth Sports

Millions of America’s children stopped playing sports in 2019, and the main culprit is a lack of local, affordable youth sports. It’s believed that childhood participation in sports has declined by 8% in the country due to costs that often range in the thousands of dollars per year. Sports are a vitally important aspect of…

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