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ACTIVSTARS State Soccer Tournament *Spring 22’*

Spring 2022


Sunday, May 15


Rose Mofford Sports Complex

9833 N. 25th Ave., Phoenix AZ


*Open to ALL Qualifying Regional teams.  Teams qualify at the Regional Tournament on April 30 & May 1.



Posted after Regionals



All players MUST register for the Tournament in advance ONLINE or over the phone.



– If you have trouble registering online please call our office at 480.603.3780 for assistance.

(2)  Call our office to complete a registration over the phone, paying with a Credit Card at time of registration prior to the deadline date.


Participant Requirements:


  • For event consistency the ACTIVSTARS Team Soccer Jersey will be required for the Tournament. No other team jerseys  will be permitted; those in violation will be required to change or cannot participate.  Jerseys are available online at
    No merchandise will be sold at the event.


  • ALL participants are also required to wear shin guards and proper athletic footwear. Cleats are not required but if worn must be soccer cleats specifically, no front stud-like football and baseball cleats.  Safety is always our #1 concern!

Event Date:

Sunday, May 15


Rose Mofford Sports Complex

9833 N. 25th Ave., Phoenix AZ


**State Schedule will be posted the week before the Tournament 


$30 - On-Time Registration Fee 

*Deadline to register - Wednesday, May 11

*All teams will play at least 2 games

What to Bring:

Players AGES 9 and older are REQUIRED to show proof of age - Birth Certificate or some form of ID listing Date of Birth - at the time of check-in at the Tournament (please plan ahead).

Spectator Rules of Conduct:

Please click here for the Tournament Rules & Regulations


1. The first round is the semi-finals. The winning teams go to the championship game. The losing team will play for 3rd place. (Every team will play 2 games) 


2.  If a game is tied after the conclusion of regular playtime the game will proceed into overtime.

      a. The teams will play for five minutes of overtime or until the first goal is scored (golden goal). 

      b. If no goal is scored during the 5-minute overtime period, the teams will go into a shoot-out. In a shoot- out each team selects exactly five players to take one penalty kick each.  The two teams will alternate turns taking each penalty kick until all ten shooters have gone.  In the event of a tie after the first shoot-out, five different players must be selected by each team for a sudden-death shoot-out. 


* ACTIVSTARS Coaches are not permitted to coach their own teams.

Each State team can have 2 Parent Coaches. 


NO unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated from players OR PARENTS and may be grounds for expulsion.

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