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Soccer State Tournament Results

State Tournament Results:  Spring 2019

5&6 Silver

1. Lookout Mountain Ducks/Hawks

2. Lomas Pugs
3. Mirage Minecraft
4. Galveston Dragons
5&6 Gold
1. Cielo Tigers
2. Loma Linda Chaos
3. Abraham Lincoln Komodos
4. Wigwam Creek Huskies
7&8 Silver
1. Ryan Juventus
2. Connolly Green Thunder
3. Augusta Ranch Eagles
4. Patterson Redhawks

7&8 Gold

1. Hale Black Cheetahs
2. Wigwam Creek Stingrays
3. Las Brisas Knights
4. Cielo Thunderstorm
9/10 Silver
1. Lookout Mountain Shamrocks/Nachos
2. Byron Barry Pumas
3. Cielo Phoenix Rising
4. Wildflower Barcelona
9/10 Gold
1. Loma Linda Renegades
2. Galveston Smashing Pumpkins
3. Cielo Sky High
4. Hale Bulldogs
11/12 Silver
1. Cielo Phoenix Blue
2. Loma Linda Renegades
3. Madison Panthers
4. Cielo Argentina
11/12 Gold
1. Patterson Jaguars
2. Lomas United
3. Abraham Lincoln Vipers
4. Mirage United
13-15 Gold
1. El mirage United
2. Galveston United
3. Wigwam Creek Venom
4. Patterson Badgers

Participant Requirements:

Official ACTIVSTARS soccer jersey must be worn to play in the tournament, NO exceptions.

All players must check-in the morning of to register and receive their color-coded tournament wrist band after passing the uniform inspection including shin guards.  Players without a wristband will not be allowed to play.

Cleats are NOT required but those who choose to wear cleats must specifically wear soccer cleats not football/baseball cleats. There should be NO front studs on the cleats.

Event Date:

Sunday, May 5


Scottsdale Sports Complex

8081 Princess Drive, Scottsdale, AZ


Posted once qualifying teams have been determined after Regionals


$20 - Pre-registration

$25 - Register day-of

What to Bring:

Players ages 9-15 are required to submit age verification documentations again upon registration/check-in.

Spectator Rules of Conduct:

Spectators will not be allowed to enter the restricted areas of the field for players and Parent Coaches only.

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