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Phoenix Valley of The Sun Karate Tournament

We are excited to announce the return of our Valley of the Sun Karate Tournament!  

This tournament will run differently than our past tournaments to comply with COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines.  We will organize the tournament similar to our national karate tournament by pre-assigning students into divisions and brackets.  Each bracket will have no more than 10 students and will be assigned to a specific ring at an assigned start time.  Once the students report to their assigned ring they will compete in all the events in that particular ring until finished.

This tournament’s registration fee includes a 6 event package!

White, Yellow, & Green Belt package includes (Fastest Fist, Fastest Kick, Strongest Punch, Strongest Kick, Crazy Attack, and Flag Sparring).

Blue and Above package includes (Fastest Fist, Fastest Kick, Strongest Punch, Strongest Kick, Kata, Flag Sparring or Sparring)

*Note: Blue and Above students can choose between Flag Sparring or Sparring, but can not participate in both.

Spectator Limit

Currently, we will be limiting spectators to a maximum of two parents per family group.

All registration will be ONLINE and there will be a cutoff date of Saturday, May 15th at midnight.  WE will not accept walk-ins on the day of the event. The tournament schedule and times will be posted on Wednesday, May 19th. 

We will have an option for “add ons” when registering so you can order the EXCLUSIVE Tournament patch and t-shirt.  You will pick these up at the event.  To register:  Login to your parent account, then click on Register for Event, at the bottom of the page.

Click HERE to register now!

“Students, who attend tournaments, gain a very valuable learning and rewarding experience. Attending a Tournament gives a new insight into the skills taught at class, where students simply cannot gain at regular class attendance alone.”

“The events are fun and easy to understand. Your instructor will show you exactly what to do in class.   It’s a great experience you won’t want to miss!  All competitors will receive medals or trophies for placements!  Everyone goes home a winner!”


Participant Requirements:

Tournament OPEN to ALL Students                             

Beginners (white belts) - Advanced belts

Event Date:

Sunday, May 23rd


2217 W. Glendale Ave., Phoenix AZ

We will be utilizing both the main and secondary gym at Washington High School to spread out our rings, competitors, and spectators.  


Don't forget the registration deadline is May, 15th!

Divisions and bracket schedules will be posted here on Wednesday, May 19th.

Click HERE to register now!


Registration Fee: $55 -  Fee includes the 6-event package.

Spectator Fee:  $4 per person age 9 and older

What to Bring:

Athlete Water Bottle - Water fountains will not be available.

Sparring Gear if participating in a Sparring event is required. STUDENTS MUST WEAR THEIR OWN CHEST GEAR, HEAD GEAR, HAND PADS, FOOTPADS, MOUTH GUARD & CUP. Orange belts & above are required to have their own headgear with face protection!  Students without proper sparring gear will be disqualified. Orange & above must have face and headgear.

Spectator Rules of Conduct:

To comply with Washington High Schools Covid-19 restrictions, ALL athletes and spectators inside the building will be required to wear a face-covering.  All spectators will need to remain socially distanced while at the event.  Spectators limited to 2 per family. 

Kids benefit in big ways from our programs

"We love the different levels, and our star looks forward to each semester where she gets to learn something new. Pom tryouts were a nice touch."

"The best thing any young cheerleader can do to get ready for their school’s cheerleading tryouts."

"Big emphasis on teamwork and fun, which you don’t find in many programs. Thank you for being so inclusive."