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NYAA Cheer National Results

The AZ & TX teams that attended NYAA Nationals in Orlando July 20 and 21 did an amazing job!  We are so proud of all our teams and coaches that represented ACTIVSTARS this year!  Congratulations to all teams on stellar performances and many that received the honorary “CLUB ZERO” pin post performance – for receiving NO deductions on their routines!
Arizona 6 Medium B 1st Place:National Champs AZ Champs Eclipse Laura Holt, Amber Kriess, Alayzha Turner-Rodgers
Arizona 5 X-Small B 1st Place:National Champs Sunrise Panthers Elite Lisa Martinez
Arizona 7 X-Large 4th Place AZ Champs Essence Laura Holt, Amber Kriess, Alayzha Turner-Rodgers
Arizona 5 X-Small A 2nd Place Harris Savage Elite David Roberts
Arizona 5 Medium B Awesome Performance Arrowhead Xtreme Elite Cassie Murphy
Arizona 5 Medium B 3rd Place Bogle Infinity Elite David Roberts
Arizona 4 X-Small B 1st Place:National Champs Cactus Canyon Hurricanes Lauren Alli
Arizona 4 X-Small B 3rd Place Sunrise Dynamic Pro Lisa Martinez
Arizona 4 Large B 3rd Place Arrowhead Scorpions Cassie Murphy
Arizona XX-Small B 5th Place Queen Creek Diamonds Taylor DiGiro
Arizona XX-Small B 1st Place:National Champs Harris Prowl Pro David Roberts
Arizona 4 Medium B 2nd Place Norte X-Treme Divas Brittany Espinoza
Arizona 4 Medium B 4th Place Bogle Intensity All Star David Roberts
Dallas 5 Small A Awesome Performance Cheer Fierce Elite Kristal Hattley & Athena Hord
Dallas 5 Medium B 2nd Place TX Xplosion Elite Marette Miller & Shonda Harned
Dallas 4 Large B Awesome Performance Intensity Extreme Julie Robinson
Dallas 4 Large B 4th Place Cheer Force Pro Nicole Nelms
Dallas 4 Small B Awesome Performance OG Xtreme Cheer Kendell Aden (for Jessica Stanley)
Houston 5 Large B Awesome Performance Texas Envy Elite Kiesha Tarleton
Houston 4 X-Small B Awesome Performance Ponderosa Savage Divas Kiesha Tarleton
Houston 4 X-Small A Awesome Performance Bleyl Phoenix Yomia Strange

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