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Cheer Event: Winter Platinum Cheer Classic

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*includes athlete drop-off, performance and pick-up times per location/team.




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We have missed watching our athletes perform and our athletes have missed being center stage.  In these uncertain times, we have come up with a creative solution that is “out of the box” but gets our cheerleaders “on the mat” safely!

This season we present a unique & exciting Virtual-Hybrid Cheer Event that gives athletes the STAR experience they LOVE while staying SAFE!

The Winter Platinum Cheer Classic takes a fresh twist; with a secure, CROWD FREE performance.  Athletes will showcase their sensational semester routines for family & friends who will be watching the LIVE stream from their own mobile devices or computers!

Virtual Fans/Supporters:  Parents, Family & Friends will watch the LIVE stream from their own mobile devices or computers!

NOTE:   Athletes, coaches & staff will be required to wear FACE MASKS for this event.


ALL currently enrolled Cheer athletes are invited to participate in the Winter Platinum Cheer Classic with their team and coach.

Cheer teams will be presenting fun, energetic, & entertaining cheer dance routines in a secure, crowd FREE setting!  Athletes will perform the routine they have been learning & polishing at team practices this winter for all their virtual fans!

This “SHOW” is an Exhibition-only performance; it is NOT a competition, therefore NO team placements such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., will be given.  In recognition of each athletes shining performance, we will be awarding an EXCLUSIVE EVENT MEDAL for participating!


Event Overview:

While at the event, athletes will stay with their coach and teammates the entire time.  Additional Parent Helpers (adults) will be assisting the coach with the team(s).  As a standard with our program attention to safety of students will be a top priority!  Below is a review of event flow for your understanding.

  • Upon drop-off, athletes will go to the green room (holding area) with their coach and parent helpers to prepare for their warm-up.
  • Athletes will proceed to their Warm-Up which will take place near the main gym.
  • From here coaches will lead athletes to the Main Gym performance floor for their PERFORMANCE!
  • Post performance athletes will be awarded their medals on the mat for all their FANS!
  • From the performance mat athletes will go to our VIP Area and have their team photo taken (inside main gym).
  • Once all teams in the session have performed coaches will prepare the team for parent pick-up.
  • Teams will walk out together to the pick-up area on schedule.

IMPORTANT:  During athlete drop-off and pick-up at the event, parents must stay in their vehicles at all times.  Please only enter the pick-up and drop-off areas at your designed location/team time.  We must avoid back-up traffic and delays so our event flow runs smoothly for all participants.  


**Register Now**

Participant Requirements:

- All participants are required to:

  • Wear their ACTIVSTARS team uniform for the event. 
  • Have their team poms as well as white tennis shoes/sneakers.
  • WEAR A MASK during the entirety of their participation.
- If you do not have a team uniform or poms, CLICK HERE to shop for yours!
*Don't forget orders can take up to 7 business days to arrive, so order early!

Event Date:

Saturday, January 30


Creighton School Campus

2802 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85008

*East of 24th Street, off McDowell.  Easy access from the 202 and 51 freeways


Please refer to the EVENT SCHEDULE Below for details on athlete drop-off, performance time and pick-up for your team/location.

Click to access Winter-Classic-Schedule.pdf


Registration:  ONLINE Registration ONLY

$20/athlete  (please register by or before Friday, January 29)



$10 Team Event Photo (please note athletes will remain wearing masks for their team photo.  Safety is our #1 concern.)

$5 Event Trophy Label *goes on the back of the medal earned for participating.

What to Bring:

IMPORTANT:  Please DO NOT send athletes with jackets, bags, cell phones, personal items, or water bottles for this event.  (We will have water on site.)  

**Upon drop-off on-site, athletes must be performance ready with their mask on and poms in hand, to expedite the drop-off process.

Students must be equipped with:

  • Uniform
  • Poms
  • MASK
  • Bow
  • Shoes
  • Special Team Props (if applicable)

Spectator Rules of Conduct:

This is a CROWD FREE, virtual-hybrid event.

All Cheer Supports; parents, family & friends will watch the LIVE video feed on their own devices. 

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