Tammy Friedrich

Tammy Friedrich

My name is Tammy Friedrich.  I have been with ACTIVSTARS for 15 years.  I started out as a parent in 2000.  I initially enrolled my son into Karate to help with his ADHD.  Over the next few years I watched my son get more focused, his self control increased and his enthusiasm looking forward to class every week was so thrilling.  After a few years his Instructor started an Adult class.  Up til now the program was for ages 4-15.  I was one of the first Adults to sign up.  I continued to go to classes.  I went through the Brown and Black belt test with my son as he was testing for his Brown, I was testing for my Black. We both were so very honored to have every instructor in ACTIVSTARS that we had trained with over the years there at the ceramony.  When it came time for my son to test for his Black belt, I had become his Assistant Instructor. It was an amazing experience being in the front of the Instructor line handing my son his Black belt during the awards ceramony.  Over the years up til now I have recieved my Black belt in Shotokan, Aikiedo, Tae Kwan Do, Karate.  I have earned my 2nd Degree Black belt in Toushi Kan. I have branched out and have earned my Green Sash in Wushu. I am aslo training for my 3rd Degree in Toushi Kan.  While continuing my studies in Wushu and Kung Fu. 

I am a Veteran Instructor now.  I have been teaching since 2008.  I have had my own classes since 2009.  I currently teach In Chandler and Queen Creek, AZ. I am proficient in several weapons such as Bo Staff, Escrima, Fan, Chain Whip, Nunchuku and Tri Sectional Staff.

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    Queen Creek Annex; Hartford Elementary
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    White through 2nd degree Black Belt
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    "In Youth We Learn, With Age We Understand"
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