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Monday, 12 December 2016 17:17

Spring 2018 State Desert Cup Final Results

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Congratulations to all the teams competing in the 2018 State Desert Cup Soccer Tournament!


5 & 6 Silver
1. Augusta Ranch Jets
2. Connolly Yodas
3. Highland Park Hawks
4. Ocotillo Purple Alligators


5 & 6 Gold
1. Lookout Mountain Swans
2. Hale Rattlesnakes
3. Patterson Redhawks
4. Loma Linda Ninjas

7 & 8 Silver
1. Connolly Jedis
2. Arroyo Vipers
3. Ocotillo Starship
4. Hale Tigers

7 & 8 Gold
1.  Hale Black Cheetahs
2. Cielo Phoenix Rising
3. Loma Linda Falcons
4. Lookout Mountain Saints

9-10 Silver
1. Galveston Cone Heads
2. Highland Park Elite
3. Las Brisas Knights
4. Wigwam Creek Killer Whales
9-10 Gold
1. Lomas FC
2. Cielo Phoenix
3. Hale Bulldogs
4. Cielo Sky High
11-12 Silver
1. Cielo Argentina
2. Mt. View Force
3. Patterson Jaguars
4. Mirage United
11-12 Gold
1. El Mirage United
2. Patterson Nighthawks
3. Patterson Hurricanes
13-15 Gold
1. Patterson Badgers
2. Galveston Orange Peels
3. Byron Barry Dynamo/Spartans
4. Cielo All-Stars


Friday, 16 October 2015 21:32

Spring 2018 Soccer Game Schedules

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Soccer Games will be starting on Saturday, March 24th ~


East Central Soccer Locations - Ages 5-10

Game Site: Summit Academy Soccer Fields

1550 W. Summit Place, Chandler AZ 85224

Attending Locations: Cielo, Connolly, Galveston, Hale, Lomas

Schedule Link - EastZCentralZ5.10ZGameZScheduleZUpdated.pdf


East Central Soccer Locations - Ages 11-15

Game Site: Palo Verde Park Soccer Fields

3135 S. Dobson Road, Mesa, AZ 85202

Attending Locations: Cielo, Connolly, Galveston, Hale, Lomas, Patterson

Schedule Link - EastZCentralZ11.15ZGameZSchedule.pdf


East Valley Soccer Locations 

Game Site 1: Madison Elementary School Fields

849 S. Sunnyvale Street, Mesa AZ 85206

Game Site 2: Patterson Elementary School Fields

1211 E Guadalupe Road, Gilbert AZ 85234

Attending Locations: Augusta Ranch, Highland Park, Madison, Patterson (Ages 5-10), Ryan

Schedule Link - EastZValleyZGameZSchedule.pdf


North Valley Soccer Locations

Game Site: Deer Valley Middle School Soccer Fields

21100 N. 27th Ave, Phoenix AZ 85027

Attending Locations: Arroyo, Greenbrier, Las Brisas, Mirage

Schedule Link - NorthZValleyZGameZSchedule.pdf


West Valley Soccer Locations

Game Site: Wigwam Creek Middle School Soccer Fields

4510 N. 127th Ave, Litchfield Park AZ 85340

Attending Locations: Desert Horizon, El Mirage, Mountain View, Wigwam Creek, Wildflower

Schedule Link - WestZValleyZGameZSchedule.pdf


West Central Soccer Locations

Game Site: Ocotillo Elementary School Soccer Fields

3225 W. Ocotillo Read Phoenix AZ 85017

Attending Locations: Byron Barry, Loma Linda, Lookout Mountain, Ocotillo

Scheudle Link - WestZCentralZGameZSchedule.pdf




Wednesday, 07 September 2011 16:52

Soccer Uniforms

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Each Soccer location will have a specific color assigned with white accsents representing East Valley and black accsents representing West Valley.


Uniform kit includes: Team Jersey, Team Shorts, & Team Socks.

Cost: $46.00

*Purchase at Soccer Skills Challenge for $40.00 and save $6.00.

Students can order their team uniforms with their coach at class or purchase thier uniforms at our upcoming Soccer Skills Challenge Day.  Please turn in your raffle/order packet to your instructor directly at class to purchase your uniform and other soccer merchandise of your choice! 

Remember, if you are planning to attend the Desert Cup Soccer Tournament the team uniform is a requirement for all players.