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Fall 18 Soccer Game Schedules

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Soccer Games will be starting on Saturday, October 27

 East Central Soccer Locations -

Game Site: Summit Academy Soccer Fields

1550 W. Summit Place, Chandler AZ 85224

Attending Locations: Cielo, Connolly, Galveston, Hale, Lomas

 East Valley Soccer Locations 

Game Site 1: Madison Elementary School Fields

849 S. Sunnyvale Street, Mesa AZ 85206

Attending Locations: Augusta Ranch, Highland Park, Madison, Patterson, Ryan

North Valley Soccer Locations

Game Site: Deer Valley Middle School Soccer Fields

21100 N. 27th Ave, Phoenix AZ 85027

Attending Locations: Arroyo, Greenbrier, Las Brisas, Mirage

West Valley Soccer Locations

Game Site: Wigwam Creek Middle School Soccer Fields

4510 N. 127th Ave, Litchfield Park AZ 85340

Attending Locations: Desert Horizon, El Mirage, Mountain View, Wigwam Creek, Wildflower

West Central Soccer Locations

Game Site: Ocotillo Elementary School Soccer Fields

3225 W. Ocotillo Read Phoenix AZ 85017

Attending Locations: Byron Barry, Loma Linda, Lookout Mountain, Ocotillo





The Soccer State Tournament will be held on Sunday, December 16 at the Tempe Sports Complex

8403 S Hardy Dr, Tempe, AZ 85284



$20 online/pre-register (by Wed. December 12)

$25 day-of/at event  (cash, credit card, money order or checks accepted—Checks made payable to ACTIVSTARS)



OPTION #1:  Pre-Register ONLINE

Online Registration available until Wednesday, December 12 at midnight~

Click Here to Register NOW!

OPTION #2:  Players can Register on site, the day of State ($25)

(Players are not able to pre-register with their coaches as they did for Regionals)



  • Registration & Check-In:  All teams are required to check in 1 hour prior to their first scheduled game.
  • Players aged 9-15 are REQUIRED to submit age verification documentation upon registration, at STATE again.  Age verification documentation must be provided or risk team disquailifcation. 
  • Official ACTIVSTARS (or former YCOA) soccer jersey must be worn to play in the tournament, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • All players must check-in to receive their color-coded tournament wristband after passing the uniform inspection, including shin guards.

   *Players without a wristband will not be allowed to play

  • Cleats are NOT required but those who choose to wear cleats must specifically wear soccer cleats not football/baseball cleats.
  • There will NOT be a spectator fee, so bring your family and friends.  Watch your children show off the skillset they have developed through this season’s training sessions.
  • Spectators will not be allowed to enter the restricted areas of the field for players and Parent Coaches only.



 5&6 Silver East

1. Ryan Thunder-Bulls

2. Lomas Pugs

3. Madison Superstars

4. Patterson Diamondbacks


5&6 Silver West

1. Desert Horizon Angry Birds

2. Ocotillo Blaze

3. Greenbrier Tigers

4. Loma Linda Falcons


5&6 Gold East/West

1. Cielo Tiger Sharks

2. Wigwam Huskies/Cobras

3. Lookout Mountain Swans

4. Hale Corn Puffs

5. Connolly Yodas

6. Patterson Eagles


7&8 Silver East

1. Connolly Green Beans

2. Ryan Juventus

3. Madison Hackers

4. Galveston Tangelos


7&8 Silver West

1. Las Brisas Gladiators

2. Desert Horizon Los Rosados

3. Lookout Mountain Hammers

4. Ocotillo Storms


7&8 Gold East

1. Cielo Phoenix Rising

2. Hale Black Cheetahs

3. Connolly Jedis

4. Lomas Rottweilers


7&8 Gold West

1. Loma Linda Fury

2. Mirage Gravediggers

3. Wigwam Stingrays

4. Lookout Mountain Potters


9&10 Silver East

1. Galveston Smashing Pumpkins

2. Cielo Sky High

3. Augusta Ranch Mighty Ducks

4. Patterson Black Widows


9&10 Silver West

1. Byron Barry Pumas

2. Mirage Black Panthers

3. Arroyo Scorpions

4. Lookout Mountain Clarets


9&10 Gold East/West

1. Cielo Phoenix

2. Hale Bulldogs

3. Patterson Cardinals

4. Lookout Mountain Toffees

5. Wigwam Creek Killer Whales

6. Desert Horizon Juventus


11&12 Silver East

1. Lomas Legends FC

2. Patterson Jaguars

3. Ryan Arsenal

4. Augusta Ranch Knights


11&12 Silver West

1. Lookout Mountain Gunners

2. Arroyo Hawks

3. Mountain View The Force

4. Mirage United


11&12 Gold East/West

1. El Mirage United

2. Patterson Nighthawks

3. Patterson Hurricanes

4. Cielo Argentina


13-15 Gold

1. Wigwam Creek Venom

2. Patterson Lost Dutchmen

3. Summit All-Stars

4. Hale Shark Vipers


Wednesday, 07 September 2011 16:52

Soccer Uniforms

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Each Soccer location will have a specific color assigned with white accsents representing East Valley and black accsents representing West Valley.


Uniform kit includes: Team Jersey, Team Shorts, & Team Socks.

Cost: $46.00

*Purchase at Soccer Skills Challenge for $40.00 and save $6.00.

Students can order their team uniforms with their coach at class or purchase thier uniforms at our upcoming Soccer Skills Challenge Day.  Please turn in your raffle/order packet to your instructor directly at class to purchase your uniform and other soccer merchandise of your choice! 

Remember, if you are planning to attend the Desert Cup Soccer Tournament the team uniform is a requirement for all players.