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NYAA National Tournament!

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We are excited to announce that ACTIVSTARS will be joining NYAA in the 2nd annual NYAA National Tournament in June! Please see attached flyer or visit https://www.nyaassociation.com/pages/martial-arts-events for more information.


All ACTIVSTARS students must be a GREEN BELT OR ABOVE and must qualify to attend.   For this season, we will have two methods to qualify for the Arizona National Team. 

  • Students who attend our upcoming Spring Tournaments in Phoenix or Tucson will qualify by earning a first or second place in any event.
  • Each instructor will also receive ten special class invitations per class to qualify selected students.


Kevin Burlison

Sensei Kevin has trained with ACTIVSTARS for over 15 years under multiple instructors. He received his 1st degree black belt in Toushi Kan Karate in 2007 and 2nd Dan in 2015, which is a mixed form comprising of Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, and Hapkido. Sensei Kevin has also studied the arts of kung fu and wushu, traveling to the Shaolin temple in China in 2011 to further his studies of the Chinese arts. Sensei Kevin is a firm believer in every aspect of martial arts, including the physical, mental, and disciplinary traditions. His passion is to inspire the next generation of martial artists and to encourage them to always honor and respect this amazing art, while having fun learning and developing into martial artists.

Sensei Kevin has produced several black belt students, including some that have even become instructors themselves! Along with teaching children as young as three, Sensei Kevin also teaches adults who have wanted to train along with their students.

Sensei Kevin recently graduated from Arizona State University, earning his bachelor's degree in Pre-Professional Health Sciences. He aspires to become naturopathic doctor, specializing in Eastern Medicine. He currently works in the ACTIVSTARS main office as an accounting representative and is the assistant to the martial arts director. 

Sensei Kevin is the head instructor at Palomino Intermediate, Orangewood Elementary, and Sunnyslope Elementary. He is also the co-instructor at Rose Lane elementary, along with Sensei Jason Wirth, who is a student of sensei Kevin. 

For more information, please email kevin@activstars.com



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