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Tucson Karate Tournament - Spring 2018

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Sunday, April 8th 

Rincon High School Gym - Tucson, AZ

421 N. Arcadia Ave., Tucson, AZ 85711

**All Phoenix and Tucson students are invited to attend this Tournament.  The events are easy and your instructor will show you exactly what to do in class.  Each event will be explained in details at the Tournament.  Events will be split according to age, size and/or belt rank depending on the event.**

COST:  $10.00 Registration Fee & $10.00 per event (package pricing given for multiple events)

Spectator Fee:  $4.00 per person age 9 and older - Spectator Fee (8 and under are FREE)




Open to ALL White & Yellow Belt Students

Registration:  9:00 - 9:45 a.m.

Tournament:  9:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.



Open to ALL Green Belts & Above

Registration:  12:45 - 1:30 p.m.

Tournament:  1:30 - 7:30 p.m.

*Online registration for this event will be available until midnight the Wednesday prior



FASTEST FIST: Contestants in each age group will have three chances to strike a “meter” bag that measures their reaction speed.  Use any hand strike taught in class.

FASTEST KICK: Contestants in each age group will have three chances to strike a “meter” bag that measures their reaction speed.  Use any kick strike taught in class. Only foot techniques allowed – NO knee kicks.  No Shoes Allowed.  

STRONGEST PUNCH: Contestants will have three chances to punch a “Meter” bag that measures their power. Use any hand strike taught in class.  Only hand strikes will be allowed – NO elbow strikes.

STRONGEST KICK: Contestants will have three chances to kick a meter bag.  Use any kick taught in class. You will have up to five feet of distance from the bag.  Only foot techniques allowed– NO knee kicks.  No Shoes Allowed!

CRAZY ATTACK:  Contestants will have 10 seconds to punch and kick a “Meter” bag that will measure total hits and power.

ESCAPE DRILL: Contestants will be timed individually and “break free” from four different “stranger dangers” applying different grabs: 1) Single-hand grab 2) Double-hand grab 3) Front choke 4) Rear choke.  Be sure you use the “proper” release technique learned in class to break free from each grab.  The contestants who use the proper techniques and break free the “quickest” are the winners. Blue and above belts will additionally be striking shields during this event.  Your instructor will give you the details in class!

KATA: Open to green belt & above students only.  Do any kata learned in class—judged same as Walk with Danger; will be split according to age AND belt color.

STAFF / WEAPONS KATA:  Open to blue belt & and above students only., Saturday event.

SPARRING:  Open to Green Belt & above students only, for those who participate in “sparring” class. This event is split according to age AND belt*.

DEMO  TEAM: Teams compete by performing       

exciting demonstrations to the tournament audience.  The winning team will be presented with the coveted “Tournament Cup,” the exclusive traveling trophy.  (Event only offered on Saturday during the Blue Belt & Above Tournament).

*Please Note:  STUDENTS MUST WEAR THEIR OWN CHEST GEAR, HEAD GEAR, HAND PADS, FOOTPADS, MOUTH GUARD & CUP. Orange belts & above are required to have their own headgear with face protection!  Read the Sparring Rules & Regulations!  Students without proper sparring gear will be disqualified. Orange & above must have face and head gear.


Laura Holt

I am Coach Laura, I am the the Cheer Program Director for ACTIVSTARS and currently coach our AZ Champs Teams, Eclipse - Level 6 and Essence - Level 7.