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Karate End of Semester Belt Ranking/Testing

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Karate belt testing for all Karate students and locations will happen in December before the Holiday break.


Karate belt testing for all  Karate students/locations will happen towards the end of each semester, usually held 2-weeks before the scheduled Awards night.


Testing fee: $12.00 per student--this is in addition to the regular class fee  

Regular Students: $19.00
Extended Students:  $20.00
Advanced Students:  $24.00

Awards Night

Held January (fall) and in May (spring) - this is the last class for this session and is a great opportunity for parents, family and friends to support their karate student.  Belts earned at testing are presented at this Ceremony.

Kraig Hollingworth

Master Kraig Hollingworth began his martial art training at the prestigious Toushi Kan Martial Art Institute under Shigeki Umemoto, Founder of Toushi Kan Martial Art Institute.  Mr. Hollingworth trained and competed as a member of the Toushi Kan full contact fighting team, which won many state, national and world titles.  Today, Mr. Hollingworth is a senior member of the Toushi Kan Martial Art Institute.  In 1990, Mr. Hollingworth began studying with Grand Master Jerry Cook and Grand Master Jinheng Li researching and studying various Chinese martial arts.  In 1991, Mr. Hollingworth began teaching for ACTIVSTARS, teaching over 1300 students throughout Phoenix.  In 1995, Mr. Hollingworth moved to Kansas City to teach and expand the ACTIVSTARS Martial Art programs.  While living in Kansas City, Mr. Hollingworth studied Kendo under Doshu Shiro Shintaku at the International Ryukyu Kemp Headquarters.  In 1998, Mr. Hollingworth moved to Denver Colorado to continue his work expanding ACTIVSTARS. While directing in Colorado, Mr. Hollingworth authored The Karate Workbook, which has sold over 100,000 copies.  In 2004, Mr. Hollingworth created and published Project S.A.F.E. Shield, an A-Z abduction prevention and anti-bully program, which is now being taught in 16 states.   Currently, Mr. Hollingworth is the Director of ACTIVSTARS and oversees operations in 7 states.

  • 31 Years of Martial Arts Experience
  • 6/19/13 - Inducted into United Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • 8/28/11 Awarded 8th Degree Black Belt Secret Society
  • 4/22/10 Promoted 5th Degree Black Belt Toushi Kan Martial Arts Institute
  • 8/23/08 Awarded 6th Degree Black Belt Mixed Martial Arts
  • 8/23/08 Honorary 6th Degree Black Belt Secret Society
  • 1/15/06 Master Instructor Certificate - Hanshi Cheif Instructor Young Champions of America
  • 1/10/02 Awarded 5th Degree Black Belt The World Martial Arts Institute

Primary Teachers & Mentors

  • Kancho Shigeki Umemoto - 9th Degree Founder/President of Toushi Kan Martial Art Academy
  • Grand Master Jerry Cook - 9th Degree Black Dragon Fighting Society & Pierce Family Combat Method.
  • Doshu Shiro Shintaku - Founder of Ten Shin Inshi Ryu
  • Grand Master Jinheng Li - Senior Beijing Wushu Team Member, Grandmaster of Wushu & Tai Chi World Martial Art Institute