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Brown & Black Belt Testing

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General Requirements

Pre-Test:  All students will be required to pass a “pre-test” with their own instructor before being invited to the test.  If you pass the pre-test, your instructor will SIGN the pre-test sheet as proof that you passed.  You are required to bring the signed pre-test sheet to testing or your will not be allowed to test.  The signed pre-test sheet will act as your invitation to the test.  The pre-test form for both brown & black belts is on the back!

Brown Belt Test:  Red belt with brown stripe.

Black Belt Test:    Brown belt with black stripe.


Date:  Sunday, October 14


Place:  Washington High School - Back Gym

2217 W. Glendale Ave., Phoenix AZ 85027

 Registration/Check-In:         8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Testing:                                   9:15 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


$75.00 Brown Belt Test

$100.00 Black Belt Test   

*Note:  all retests are at no charge

Brown & Black Belt Test Spectator Rules of Conduct

These rules have been established to create a quiet atmosphere for the benefit of the students testing.  Any person breaking the rules will be asked to leave the building.

  1. No toddlers or infants allowed inside the building.
  2. No food or drink allowed inside the building.
  3. No talking in the stands during the test.
  4. Parents cannot communicate with students who are testing.
  5. Students who are testing are required to stay in their assigned area.  Students cannot go to parents in the stands.
  6. Parents cannot approach the Board during the test.  All Board decisions are final!


Minor Aspects Explained

Power – Student must perform techniques with maximum strength. Power is a combination of speed and momentum.

Speed – Student must perform techniques with maximum speed. Speed is combination of form and snap.

Focus – Student must perform techniques with concentration and maximum awareness.

Accuracy – Student must perform techniques within proper target range and timing.

Spirit – Student must perform with a positive and confident attitude.  Student must demonstrate solid Kiai and effort.


Critical Aspects Explained

Memory and Recollection – Student must perform continually without hesitation or pausing.

Self-Control – Student must perform without repeated accidental strikes to their partner.

Technique – Student must perform proper hand, foot, body positions (bent wrist, kicking with toes, poor stances, etc...).  Student must also show solid understanding of the technique.



Administrator for website.  All information is fictitous, for testing purposes only.

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