Karate Instructors

Savannah Haymart

Sensei Savannah Haymart has been practicing martial arts since 2008 under Hanshi Mike McLaughlin, and earned her black belt in October 2014. She has been assisting in beginner and intermediate classes since 2011, and has been an apprentice instructor since July 2015. She practices and teaches Tae Kwon Do and has been a student of ACTIVSTARS since she was 11 years old.

Sensei Savannah has special interests in sparring and kata, and several weapons. Her main focuses are self-defense, practical use and understanding of techniques, and other important aspects of martial arts, such as self-control, respect, self-esteem, ambition, and personal development. She aspires to continue the tradition of martial arts and the benefits it creates, and to train the next generation of martial artists with ACTIVSTARS for many years to come.