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Tuesday, 27 January 2015 18:27

Arrowhead Karate Spring 2015 Class Times

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Here are the times for Arrowhead Karate's Spring 2015 semester. These times go into effect on February 3rd and will continue through the course of the semester.

White Belts:

---5:30 to 6:15

---45 Minute Class

---$7 Weekly Fee

Yellow and Green Belts:

---6:20 to 7:20

---60 Minute Class

---$8 Weekly Fee

Specialties Class:

---7:25 to 7:55

---Will switch weekly between Sparring and a dedicated Kata Class.

---Optional every week, not a replacement for standard classes, but highly recommended.

---30 Minute Class

---$2 Weekly Fee

Blue, Purple, and Orange Belts:

---8:00 to 9:00

---60 Minute Class

---$8 Weekly Fee


Please note that there is a five minute buffer period in between classes. This is so that I can answer questions parents may have, but also so that any students doing make-ups or specialties have a short break.

Also, Yellow belts are allowed in the Kata sessions, but NOT in sparring. Expect weekly Remind messages to relay which of the two will be taking place at the next class.


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Riley Thompson

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My personal specialties are the Philosophy of the Martial Arts, and Japanese Swordsmanship. As a fun note, I currently teach at the same location where I started as a White Belt.


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