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Saturday, 22 November 2014 23:18

Martial Arts Curriculum Red Training For Brown

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Renshi Charles Stewart
Martial Arts Curriculum
Red Training For Brown

             Butterfly / Scissors / Inner & Outer Circular Forearm / Upper Leg/Hidden Elbow Combo 

             Mid-Section Together / Double Thumbnail Eye / All Ridge Hand Strikes / Head Butt 

           (All with quick double-step set up)
           Double Roundhouse (2 leg Combo)-(Back Leg Pivot, Other Leg Jump)
           Flying Side Thrust 
           Inside Crescent/Side Thrust Combo

          (All Switch Kicks)
                                         knee / snap / front thrust / roundhouse / stomp / side thrust / turning back

(Front Choke Attack)
                         “Double Thumbnail Eye Strike” (double thumbnail eye strike, uppercut, reverse to solar, stomp knee,
                                                                                   takedown & finish) [alt version, inside knee & guillotine]

(Lifting Bear Hug Over The Arms Attack)
                         “Bear Hug” (head butt & hook leg(s), bend forward & down while squatting/stepping outside and back
                                                to grab leg, pull forward & up as you stand, heel kick groin) [alt version, no lifted?, rising
                                                heel to groin/heel stomp top of foot bones/rear head butt, then continue with technique]

(They’ve Caught Your Mid-level Roundhouse Kick Attack)

                          “Leg Grab” (combo eardrum-front elbow strike, step down with back fist, inside knee, “chin over”
                                                takedown and finish)

(Two Hands Grabbing One Arm Attack)

                          “Two Hand On One Arm/Dive” (face punch, “dive in” & pull up & back, reinforced elbow to face, inside
                                                                                  knee kick, “chin over” takedown & finish)

(Two Hands Shirt Grab At Chest Attack)
                          “Double Handed Shirt Grab” (double eardrum strike, uppercut, bear-claw throat, inside knee,
                                                                               “chin over” takedown & finish)

(Two Hands Grabbing One Arm Attack)
                          “Two Hands On One Arm/Circle” (face punch, open hand inner circular grab & pull while stepping
                                                                                       back, hook neck & knee face, “chin over” takedown & finish)

One Steps
(Two Hand Pushes To Ground)

                   “Forward Roll” (sliding side thrust kick, reinforced elbow to face, step in and turn to for inside knee,
                                                takedown & finish)

(Outer Grasping Block VS Stepping Face Punch)

                    “Judo Trip/Flip” (step towards very quickly w/ simultaneous outer grasping block & high palm heel to face,
                                                  step in tight & turn intofor headlock, extend leg to “judo trip/flip” and finish off on ground
                                                  with arm triangle choke out)

(Stepping Face Punch VS Kick Counters)

                     “Front Leg Side Thrust/Knife Hand Neck” (front leg side thrust, side knife hand neck, step in w/ upset,
                                                                                                 uppercut, inside knee, “chin over” takedown & finish)
                     “Inside Crescent/Side Thrust” (inside crescent-side thrust combo, step in with upset, uppercut, inside
                                                                             knee, takedown & finish)

(Advancing Front Choke VS Wedging Block)
                      “Wedging Block/Knee Kick” (step toward attacker w/ wedging block, grab and pull into knee to groin,
                                                                          uppercut chin, hook jaw, neck grab face into knee, takedown & finish)

(Stepping Face Punch Vs Outer Forearm Block To Outer Grasping Block)

                      “High Palm Heel/Chin Over” (step in w/ outer knife hand/outer grasping block and palm heel to face,
                                                                            inside knee, “chin over” takedown & finish)


        #7 Pinan Yodan (pin)-(non) (yo)-(don)
        #8 Pinan Godan (pin)-(non) (go)-(don)


               Crouching X / Twisted X / " L"

Foot Work

                   Front Foot Off Step / Back Foot Off Step
                   Foot Work Review (faster)

                                                    Step / Double Step / Turn / Switch / Back Step / Back Switch

Grappling/Ground Fighting
[Review all first]
                                                Arm Triangle (squeeze both sides of their neck, your head against their arm & your
                                                                          forearm against other side neck )
                                                Toe Grab Ankle Lock (forearm blade inside ankle while grabbing your other forearm,
                                                                                       other hand toes grab & press to squeeze)
                                                Heel Hook Lock (trap foot/toes under arm pit, forearm blade under heel and over hook
                                                                               wrist grab to pull up and back)
                                                Wrist Manipulations (palm heel against fingertips to fold backwards) (palm heel
                                                                                       against punching knuckles to flod wrist inwards) (add
                                                                                       twisting to previous)
                                                Under Nose Pressure Point To Open Up Counter Defense
                                                                                       (when side controlled or chest controlled on your back and they
                                                                                        are head/neck lock grabbing you) [use under nose pressure
                                                                                        point with both hands to open up their head/neck while
                                                                                        pressing away], simultaneously, shoot your hips against the
                                                                                        opposite direction, leg over their head/neck to set up leg
                                                                                        scissor control, find submission with shoulder, elbow, wrist,
                                                                                        or fingers)

                                                 Beginner Freestyle Ground Work (look for obvious feedback scenarios, in particular, arms
                                                                                                               and legs both equally being used to create openings,
                                                                                                               space, submissions, or cardio/exhaust) 


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Charles Stewart


Short Version:
I hold a second degree Dan in the style of Toushikan, which was awarded by Koncho Shigeki Umemoto on April 15th, 2010. I also hold a third degree Shogo (teaching) rank, which is called by title, Renshi. I have been involved with ActivStars' Martial Arts program for over 21 years (as of 2019.) I started as a “parent helper” and eventually years later, was asked to substitute a class for another instructor. After that, as they say, “the rest was history.” J

I teach in the Mesa area and hold great value in the practical application of the martial arts I teach. Toushikan as I teach it is a mixed or blended martial art style consisting of 5 separate disciplines: Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Hapkido, and Grappling/Ground Fighting.

Long Version:
My first-born son (Lincoln Everette) started as a 5 year old student in ActivStars' Martial Arts program. As of 2019 he is 26 years old and had proven himself as one of our top Black Belt Martial Art Instructors (for over 5 years, ) before moving on to greater things in his life. He is currently working for General Motors as a lead software developer. He graduated from ASU’s Poly Technic Campus (2015) debt free due to 2 academic scholarships, with a bachelors degree in Software Engineering, in the top 8 percent of his class. He now occaionally takes instruction with Master Pete Rodriguez in American Kenpo. He also regularly trains personal fitness with an accomplished compettitive bodybuilder who spent time playing in the NFL (Greg Trent.) As of 2019, He has started teaching his own Martial Arts classes (He rents the gym where he trains with Greg Trent.) In short, he continues to push the development of excellence in his everyday life. I attribute Lincoln’s personal success story to the way in which his Mother and I raised him and his involvement with ActivStars' Martial Arts Program. This program works!

My second-born child (Lindsey Marie) stared as a 4 year old student in ActivStars' Martial Arts program. Today she is over 24 years old (2019,) was at one time a Black Belt assistant instructor, also trains regualrly personal fitness, and occasionally with Greg Trent, like Lincoln above. She graduated in December 2018 with her nursing degree. I attribute Lindsey’s personal success story to the way in which her Mother and I have raised her and her involvement with ActivStars' Martial Arts program. This program works!

My third-born child (Seth Nathaniel) started as a 4 year old student in ActivStars' Martial Arts program. He is over 20 years of age (2019,) has been in the past, a Black Belt assistant instructor with ActivStars. He is currently in college working towards a software engineering degree. I attribute Seth’s personal success story to the way in which his Mother and I have raised him and his involvement with ActivStars' Martial Arts program. This program works!

My fourth-born child (Dekota Logen) started as a 4 year old student in ActivStars'  Martial Arts program. He is over 16 years old (2019) and works diligently (with Mom's "help") pursuing academic excellence in Gilbert High School. He currently is a Brown Belt/Black Stripe. He performs with the Gilbert High School Varsity Marching Band, which won first place in Arizona competition for division 2 bands. I attribute Dekota’s personal success story to the way in which his Mother and I have raised him and his involvement with ActivStars' Martial Arts program. This program works!

Finally, my wife of over 31 years (2019) (Penny) is currently a Brown Belt/Black stripe, working towards her Black Belt in the near future.  Because of the amazing person she is and her involvement with ActivStars' Martial Arts Program, she decided to go to college after getting 4 children into the school system, to work towards receiving a degree to teach children in grade school. She did this while working full-time as a Mom, at a job full-time, and attending school. I honestly do not know how she pulled it off. To this day, I can vividly recall many different times where she broke down crying because of how challenging (difficult) it was for her at times, while going through the expereinces of it all. She graduated with honors from University of Phoenix with her teaching degree in 2012. She is currently (2019) a fifth grade teacher in the Gilbert School District at Harris Elementary School. In part, I attribute Penny’s personal success story to her "warrior spirit," and her involvement with ActivStars' Martial Arts program. This program works!

As for me (Renshi Charles,) my life has seen many changes, and not the least of which is "getting older" (58 as of 2019.) One of things I am most proud of besides teaching Martial Arts, is my work as a “very old soul spiritual teacher,” and a "social engineer" for our rapidly changing world (2019.)  I have been actively involved with this since the age of 16, where as with ActivStars since 37. I have personally expereinced how the ActivStars Martial Arts program can powerfully transform lives in positive and constructive ways. 

One of my ultimate goals teachings Martial Arts for ActivStars is to raise students who learn to become competent at making good personal choices, by way of learning who it is that is actually accountable and responsible for those choices being made, all the while becoming a force for good in the world. 

For any who wish to learn more of the “old soul spiritual teacher” and/or the "social engineer" in me, you may visit my website to look around and explore:  http://CharlesStewartEnterprises.com

May you always be at one with your own knowing, and enjoy the changes coming into your lives,

Renshi Charles Everette Stewart



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