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Tuesday, 11 November 2014 17:51

Black belt test

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In order for students to test for their black belt they must have approval from their sensei, must be a brown belt with a black stripe, and must test before a panel of sensei's with Young Champions of America.

  • Blocks to Master
      • Rising
      • Side
      • Low
      • Front
      • X-Hand
      • Scooping
      • Sweeping
      • Dropping
      • Double Palm
      • Grasping
      • C-Block
      • Separating
      • Scissors
      • Knife Hand
      • Twin Fore
      • Drifting
      • Hook
      • Double Grasp
      • Y
      • Mountain
  • Punches to Master
      • Middle
      • Upper Cut
      • Hammer Fist
      • Four Fist Chin
      • Back Fist
      • Hook
      • Round House
      • Knife Hand
      • Temple
      • Elbow Series
      • Spear Series
      • Palm Heel Strike
      • Verticle Punch
      • Arc Hand
      • Rich Hand
      • Snake Strike
      • Crane Strike
      • Leopard Paw
      • Tiger Claw
      • Blue Dragon Strike
  • Kicks to Master
      • Knee
      • Snap
      • Push
      • Crescent
      • Reverse Crescent
      • Round House Knee
      • Round House
      • Side Thrust
      • Ax
      • Stomping
      • Checking
      • Double Snap
      • Double Round House
      • Jump Snap
      • Turning Back Kick
      • Wheel
      • Hook
      • Spinning Reverse
      • Flying Side
      • Switch Roundhouse
  • Students must know the first ten katas. They will have to perform each kata with no break between each.
  • Students must be able to spar for three sessions of two minutes each with a 30 second break between each.
  • Students must also know 30 One-Step Moves and 30 Self-Defense Moves.

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Jared Faust

Sensei Jared Faust has been with ACTIVSTARS since he was a student. He started training with ACTIVSTARS in 1994 and after earning his first degree black belt in the summer of 2000 started teaching January 2001. Sensei Jared went on to earn his second degree in the summer of 2009. In spring 2014, Sensei Jared earned the rank of Kyoshi. In that time his students have grown with him. He started out with one location and two classes and has grown to five locations each with multiple classes.

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