Joseph Torrez

Joseph Torrez, Tae Kwon-Do, 2nd Dan-ITF, 4th Dan-USMA, 1st Dan Hapkido.


I began my Martial journey in 1972 while attending Northern Arizona University where I trained in the Chung Do Kwon school of Tae Kwon-Do. After graduation, I began working in my career field and It was during this time, I found my Hapkido teacher, James Pyong, 5th Dan and trained wih until his return to Korea. From Hapkido I met and trained with my Tae Kwon-Do teacher and Master, Jong Kil Kang, 10th Dan and trained for more than a decade.

I was fortunate to be taught by teachers who were "close to the root" of purity and knowledge of the Korean Martial arts and not by teachers distanced at the top most branches of the Martial tree. During this journey, I was also fortunate to compete, meet, and train with various other Martial Artists in Tang Soo-Do, Okinawan Shito-Ryu, American Kenpo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and as a Boxer, coached by a member of the United State Army Boxing Team.

As an instructor, under my guidance, I have taught over 2000 students, promoted 22 Black Belts, and served as instructor with the following organizations:

- Boys and Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix

- Academy of Korean Martial Arts, Glendale AZ

- Fitness West Studios, Phoenix AZ

- Young Olympians (Young Champions of America)

It is now my privilege and honor to return to the ACTIVSTARS and share my years of experience and knowlege with your children. I look forward to our association and thank you for allowing me to serve as your child's martial guide and teacher.