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Cheer Instructors

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Cheer Instructors

  • I am Coach Allison ~ I am the Head Coach at the Machan Cheer Program.
  • I coach at the Cheer location in Anthem!  I love coaching with ACTIVSTARS!
  • I coach in Surprise at Canyon Ridge Cheer.  I have a JV, Varsity, Jr. All Star, and Pro team this season. I also am the Assistant Coach for AZ Champs Eclipse and Essence Cheer Teams!  
  • I am Coach Angie, excited to meet all my new cheerleaders!  I currently coach at Verrado and Ira Muprhy.
  • I began coaching Cheer with this organization in 2005. I started at the Casa Grande Boys & Girls Club, currently I am the coach at Jordan Cheer! I started cheerleading when I was eight years old, for the Massabesic Youth Football and Cheering organization in Waterboro, Maine. I continued cheering all through Jr. High and High School.  
  •  I have been coaching with ACTIVSTARS for over 5 years. I have many years of experience in cheerleading. I was in the ACTIVSTARS program when I was younger, cheered on my middle school team, and on my HS Varsity team for 3 years at Apache Junction High School. I am currenlty the coach at Norte.
  • My name is Cassie Murphy and I have been coaching with ACTIVSTARS for 6 years. I currently am coaching the Arrowhead and Desert Horizon location. I currently have 9 teams this season and hope to keep expanding! 
  • Hi, I'm Coach Danielle, I currently coach in Tempe at Carminati Cheer!
  • I have been an ACTIVSTARS coach for 10 years and counting. My background is dance and currently have been coaching/teaching on the cheer side of our program for 4 years. My locations are Harris/Gilbert and Bogle. I did cheer in High School as well as dance. I believe in making sure each athlete learns someting from my unique style and tapping into their own inner creativity and talent. Anyting is possible when you're dedicated ,…
  • Hello, I am Coach Diana.  I coach at the Acacia Cheer location and have such a passion for cheer and dance!
  • Hello! My name is Katrina Arroyos and I am the current coach for Santa Clara UMC and Homer Davis in Tucson.  I am a college graduate from Arizona State University and currently work at the News station here in Tucson! I have many years of cheerleading experience. I started in the ACTIVSTARS (fomerly Young Champions) cheer program at the age of 4 and was involved up until the age of 14. I was also a…
  • Hello - my name is Kayla C De Baca and I have been with ACTIVSTARS since 2013! I am currently a Cheer Program Trainer ~ I have 8 years of combined high school and collegiate experience as an athlete in the wonderful sport of cheerleading! I have performed on competitive teams, pom, hip-hop, and all girl stunt teams which has provided me with great experience to coach young athletes!  
  •  Hello! My name is Lauren Alli! I have been a coach with ACTIVSTARS since 2008.  My current cheer locations include Cactus Canyon (Apache Junction, Mesa, Gold Canyon), and Yavapai (Scottsdale). I was a high school cheerleader at Ironwodd Ridge High School (Tucson, AZ). I also coached hip-hop during my college years for NRG Dance Company.  I am a very passionate and dedicated coach who expects the same from my cheerleaders. I love what I do…
  •  Hi, I Coach at the Kino in Mesa and Desert Sun in Cave Creek~  Excited for another great season!
  •  Hi,  I am Coach Lisa, and I coach at Sunrise.  We currently have a JV, Varsity, Jr. All Star, Pro and Elite team at this location!
  • I am Coach Newsica.  I currently Coach at Rancho Gabriela and Harris/West Valley.
  • I'm Coach Niomi, I am the Cheer coach at Corte Sierra and Sun Canyon~
  • Hi , I'm Coach Richard. I am a full time Law student at ASU who has been been a cheerleader since I was 12. I was a High School Varsity cheer captain were I made all of our music and routines and also an All-Star Cheerleader. I have been making choreography professionally since I was 11 years old and have been an All-Star cheer and tumbling coach/Choreographer for two years before joining ACTIVSTARS.  I am currently…
  • Hi, I am Coach Sam!  I am currently a Cheer Trainer with ACTIVSTARS after coaching with the program for 4+ years.  
  • Hi, I am Coach Shannon - I am currently the Coach for Rose Lane JV, Varsity and Jr. All Star teams!
  • Hi, I am Coach Shelby.  Cheer is a big part of my life.  I started with ACTIVSTARS at age 4 and was an active athlete for 16 years.  I cheered for my High School team, several competitive teams and went to London to cheer in the New Year's Parade!  I am so happy to be with ACTIVSTARS as a cheer coach and love that I have the opportunity to share my passion!
  • I have been coaching with ACTIVSTARS for 4 years and truely love what I do. The athletes at my locations work extremely hard and it shows everytime we step on the mat. Every week we focus on strength, stamina, technique, performance and make sure no cheerleader is left behind. My locations have a strong sense of communty and a family bond. We help eachother out and support every team making both locations have 4 strong…

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  • *I am currently the coach for Queen Creek Rec. and Cortina Cheer.  I am also the assistant coach at Kino Jr. High. I grew up cheering with ACTIVSTARS and have background in All-Star cheerleading as well. I’m very excited for the upcoming semester!* 
  • Hi~ I coach at the Foothills Rec. and Desert Springs Cheer locations.  I love being a coach and enjoy sharing my passion with my athletes!