Ben Pruett

Ben Pruett

Sensei Ben Pruett has been practicing Kung Fu for about 17 years and teaching for 5. He has a passion for not only the traditional martial arts, but enjoys teaching self-defense and philosophy as well. He believes that all martial arts students, new and experienced, should always practice and improve their character (especially when no one is watching). 

Class Location & Times

Monday: GRACE POINTE - 5455 S. Westover Ave., Tucson AZ 85746

5:50-6:30pm (White - Yellow w/Green Stripe Belts)

6:30-7:30pm (Green - Orange Belts)

7:30-8:00pm (Sparring)

8:00-9:00pm (Orange w/White Stripe Belts - Above)

Tuesday: COTTONWOOD - 9950 Rees Loop, Tucson AZ 85747

6:15-6:50pm (White - Yellow w/Green Stripe Belts)

6:50-7:45pm (Green - Purple w/Orange Stripe Belts)

7:45-8:15pm (Sparring)

8:15-9:00pm (Orange Belts - Above)

Wednesday: HOMER DAVIS - 4250 N. Romero Rd., Tucson AZ 85705

6:00-6:40pm (White - Yellow w/Green Stripe Belts)

6:45-7:45pm (Green - Purple Belts)

7:45-8:15pm (Sparring)

8:15-9:00pm (Orange Belts - Above)


Thursday: BLENMAN - 1695 N. Country Club Road, Tucson AZ 85716

6:15-7:00pm (White - Yellow w/Green Stripe Belts)

7:00-7:45pm (Green - Blue Belts)

7:45-8:15pm (Sparring)