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Job Opportunities

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Due to an increased demand for additional programs, ACTIVSTARS is always providing employment opportunities. If you know of any dynamic individuals who would be interested in filling these openings, please give us a referral.

Instructors and Coaches: Self-Defense/Martial Arts, Cheerleading, Flag Football, and Soccer.  A rewarding opportunity exists for talented individuals who would like to be an Instructor/Coach.  They are needed to teach at various locations throughout Arizona.  All Instructors and Coaches must follow the ACTIVSTARS Curriculum guidelines and be able to interact with students and parents, and enjoy doing so.  All instructors and Coaches receive additional training on how to instruct and coach youth.  Karate instructors must have attained a Black Belt rank; Cheer coaches must have cheer and dance experience; Soccer and Football coaches must have good knowledge of the game’s rules and dynamics as well as experience in coaching..

Locations: If you know of any large, empty rooms that could be utilized for ACTIVSTARS classes, please advise us.  We have urgent need for more locations in which to hold our classes.  This area may be a gym, school cafeteria, church meeting room, etc.  We provide insurance and our own equipment.

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